Episode 3 – Release Date 12/05/07 & 12/07/07

November 28, 2007

Juno – A whip-smart teen confronting an unplanned pregnancy by her classmate.

Watch the Juno trailer here.

The Golden Compass – There are worlds beyond on own. The compass will show the way.

Watch The Golden Compass trailer here.

Grace is Gone – A father loses his wife and delays breaking the news to his daughters.

Watch the Grace is Gone trailer here.

Download this weeks show here.

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  1. Nice review guys, it’s fun to listen to. What are you using for a mic? (And who’s dog is barking in the background?)

    I agree with your Juno review. Skipped The Golden Compass.

    As for the Grace is Gone review, what was the Dan in Real Life preview like? It may have looked just as bad. The Grace trailer looked like the movie offers possibility. As a father of several daughters I think I HAVE to watch it.

  2. We are using a very inexpensive, very small microphone that seems to pic up sounds from all over the place.

    The dog in Episode 3 was my (George’s) dog “Teddy” who I think was disagreeing also on the Golden Compass.

    I (George) agree with you on Grace is Gone. I do want to see that one.

  3. I laughed so hard when you called the Golden Compass a “steaming pile”. I love this idea, and I have to admit I can usually tell if a movie is going to be cheese from the trailer, too!

    ok, about Juno. I’m so excited for this movie. Rainn Wilson is about the funniest person on screen, and the girl who plays Juno reminds me of Daria – love her. It looks like such a smart and funny movie.

    I have to admit, I hadn’t heard of Grace is Gone (except for a Dave Matthews song) and now I’m thinking I’ll go see it. It’s certainly topical, but not in a Michael Moore way. And the look of it seems real to me. Ordinary clothes, house family. It’s sweet and sad without being fakey predictable- that I like to see. And John Cusack is a babe.
    Nice job, guys!

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